4x4 Accessories for Work and Leisure

4x4 Accessories for Work and Leisure

You may not be able to see it straight away, but a 4x4 truck is like one of the characters from the Transformer film. “How?” you ask. Because much like the Autobots that transform themselves with such ease in the film, as a 4x4 truck owner, the possibilities are endless with how you can make your vehicle look.

With a 4x4, you can add or remove so many different accessories that you can change their look completely. Depending on how you use your truck, we’ve got a 4x4 accessory waiting just for you. If you’re a professional and you need the use of a loading bar to put your ladder or load other such items on to it, we can help you do exactly that.

A simple but effective loading bar can make all the difference for your working day

Even if your 4x4 doesn’t come with an original roll bar, that’s not a problem…

We’ve got plenty of those too! How big do you want them? Our roll bars range from 1.5 legs to 3, so there’s something for everyone.

And it doesn’t stop there. For the fashion conscious amongst you, we can also offer you our gorgeous and stylish sport design roll bar made from fiberglass with embedded third brake lamp.

Get this stylish roll bar painted in the color of your vehicle

To complement the look above, you can also opt for the stainless steel sport design side hand rails that come in various sizes and can also be painted according to the color of your vehicle, just like the ones below:

We also have some great looking stainless steel cross racks with "Thule" fitting brackets for cover & roller lids, to help you achieve the following look if your job is demanding and requires something strong and durable.

However, the great thing about our 4x4 accessories is that they’re not just for the working professional. As you can see below you can use the stainless steel cross racks to pack the bike and go for a bit of a cycle. (Just in case you’re taking part in the Tour De France!)

So you see, when you buy a 4x4 truck you get more than just 4 wheels and some seats. You’re getting a great car that is adventurous in its flexibility, but also very practical for all sorts of occasions. As long as your car doesn’t begin to want to take over the earth like in the Transformers movie, we’ll be OK!