Выставка "Abenteuer und Allrad" в Бад-Киссингене 2021

Welcome to Europe’s greatest off-road fair, Abenteuer und Allrad, Germany.

The trade fair took place from 21st to the 24th of October in Bad Kissingen exhibition fairground.

Right on a hill above Bad Kissingen - in the middle of a nature reserve – is the scenic setting of approx. 110,000 square meters size. It is a former missile defence post of the U.S. Army.

Today, thanks to its fencing, it is not only a secluded, but also an exclusive adventure area, which, with its natural features, is one of the most beautiful off-road areas in Germany.

With more than 300 international exhibitors from all over the world, the ADVENTURE & ALLRAD is the most important 4 × 4 event of the year, which comprehensively presents the entire range of accessories & services offered by the international off-road and outdoor scene.

Visitors to the ABENTEUER & ALLRAD trade fair in Bad Kissingen were able to see about all-terrain vehicles from 4x4 production vehicles, pick-ups, to expedition vehicles and trucks.

During the trade fair, part of the “Saalewiesen” in Bad Kissingen transformed into the CAMP AREA. Off-road fans found their home here, since the ABENTEUER & ALLRAD in every exhibition offers leisure and caravanning activities ranging from sleeping bags and outdoor equipment of all kinds.

Tessera4x4 Accessories following its previous attendance back to 2019 to the same trade show, was represented from BLUEICE E-COMMERCE GMBH, the authorized and exclusive distributor of our company’s products in German market.

Mr. Hubert Linder, owner of  BLUEICE E-COMMERCE GMBH and his partners Mr. Claudio Falcone from Italy and Mr. Stefan Lehmann from Switzerland presented to the visitors a variety of high quality 4x4 off-road pick-up accessories and proposed solutions for every customer individually, according to their needs.

Tessera4x4 accessories with experience of more than 35 years in automotive industry and its high quality & Patented range of accessories and especially the unique Tessera4x4 roll top cover (SOT-ROLL Series) offer everything you need to cope with the most adverse conditions!

The only genuine and 100% hand-made roller lid shutter of the global market with 3 years Warranty.

Our Tessera4x4 roll top (SOT-ROLL Series) specially designed aluminum hinges are the only that offer 100% security as they are impossible to disengage each other.

Furthermore, the Vinyl surface on top of these strong aluminum hinges (panels) provide the perfect protection against the harshest of weather conditions.

Specially made (patented) perimeter base from anodized aluminum (thickness: 5mm)

New Ultimate locking system

Incorporated Anti-Leaf technology

Built-in Water level indicator

Tessera4x4 Accessories is the first Greek company in automotive sector with 3 International, 2 European & 3 National patents.

  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which has issued 3 worldwide patents with the following number: WO 2014/053863 & International Design System WIPO Hague (WIPO96020 & WIPO100520)
  • European Patent Office (EPO), which has issued 2 European patents with the following numbers: EP19151572.5 & EP2903843.
  • Hellenic Industrial Property Organization (OBI), which has issued 3 National patents with the following numbers: Νο.1007595, Νο.1007947 & Νο.10081553.

Abenteuer und Allrad in Bad Kissingen came to an end with success and we would like to thank all visitors and interested parties for the trust you are showing to our company, and we are promising to continue with the same passion, to design and produce the most premium 4x4 accessories of the global market.fd0606

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Mr. Hubert Linder and his team for their constant efforts and actions to establish Tessera4x4 Accessories brand as number 1 in the German market.

Stay tuned!