95-я автовыставка в Брюсселе

Tessera4x4 accessories, consistent to all remarkable events of the automotive industry, in association with “AUTO ACCESS”, a Belgian company specialized in 4x4 accessory solutions, presented its products in Mitsubishi’s and SsangYong’s booths and managed to impress the crowd who visited the capital of Belgium to attend the 95thEuropean show in Brussels.

Following the tradition of the previous motor shows, this year’s 2017 transcend itself and achieved to establish a new record, as more than 437K visitors and journalist joined the exhibition during 14th to 22nd of January, with 80 exhibitors from all over the world presenting their state of art in the automotive sector.

Tessera4x4 Accessories confirmed its already certified supremacy in the design and manufacture of a wide range, high quality accessories and as it was expected the eyes turned to the 7 Patented aluminum roller lid shutter (SOT-ROLL series).

A roller lid shutter which has proved its quality, exported in the whole world, even to countries with the harshest climates, will proof once again itself with the successful entrance and distribution in the vast, however especial market of Belgium. The increasingly demand for our company’s products is yet another point need to be mentioned, since this also reveals the “character”, the evolution and the company's orientation.