Aвтомобильная выставка "Autokinisi 2016"

Once again, the exhibit institution in Greece "CARS 2016" managed to star and attract the interest of all the friends of the car, who had the opportunity to attend the premises of OLYMPIC PROPERTY OF XIFASKIAS (formerly western airport) from 22 until October 30, 2016.
They were informed about the developments and admired the latest achievements of the automotive industry. The point worth mentioning for this report was that the interest of the world was also reinforced by the fact that the world premieres of new models of the automotive industry had preceded the Paris exhibition.

Tessera4x4 accessories was honored to be present at this great show , presented to public the wide range of products that manufactures in cooperation with ISUZU Hellas and SSANGYONG Hellas.
ISUZU, celebrating its high volume presence after it has been 100 years since it started the production of the first car in Japan. The world-famous pickup ISUZU DMAX was equipped with the first aluminum roller lid with 7 patents (2 global, 2 european and 3 domestic) (SOT-ROLL series), manufactured in Greece.

A high-quality product that provides maximum safety since the special aluminum (patented) hinges are impossible to unlock. The vinyl-PVC vinyl coating provides perfect insulation and protection of the cargo carriage due to the revolutionary innovative combination over the aluminum panels, as well as makes it waterproof and resistant to high temperatures and color fastness from solar radiation.

Insisting on the safety of our product, we equipped our roller lid shutter with the new high-security central locking system with a larger and more ergonomic handle and a weatherproof cap.

Available in 3 versions, to meet the needs of any customer, in the standard silver aluminum version, in the version with the exact color code of the vehicle (PAINT-001) but also in the most popular and endurance Black Matt  (PAINT-006) version.

Also, due to its new 5 mm thick perimeter base, the roller cap has the feature to provide additional body support and can also be combined with extra accessories such as roll bars, handrails, racks and load bars.

These accessories have been launched at SSANGYONG booth. The popular pick up made in Korea was covered by RB 407 INOX stainless steel roll bar, which, like all of our company's roll bars, is durable for loading due to its reinforced, one-piece support that provides maximum roll protection in case of overturning. Together, we combined the stainless steel sports handrails KOY 80 Sport INOX, which provide further flexibility in tying and transporting your bodywork content.

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